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Nationwide Personal Tax Preparation

The Form 1040 is the central part of personal income taxes.  We have in-depth experience of over 17 years working on personal taxes and form 1040.  Schedule A is one the key pages that can be used to maximize your tax deductions and this is one of our initial focuses.  Many times individuals fail to include all their Schedule A deductions.  Don't worry - we remind you of any and all missed deductions.

Save Tax Dollars

The client is the focus and we are determined to save you some tax dollars.  We may need to remind you to provide us with all your 1098 mortgage statements, your child's after school expenses or losses from a business venture.  But rest assured, we will find you some deductions.

And as we prepare your taxes, rest assured that your taxes will be prepared accurately and on time.  Your personal tax returns are due by April 15th.  But don't worry, if you need extra time to get your info together.  We'll file an extension for you at no cost and get an automatic extension of 6 months.

Tax Planning

If you really want to save some serious tax dollars, let us do a little tax planning for you.  We'll steer you toward the right retirement plan, education plan, and tax credits you are eligible for.  We'll introduce tax saving strategies to you and walk you through the process, ensuring that you understand the tax benefits. 

Call or email us today to discuss your tax savings options.  Services offered nationwide. 
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